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Scala IDE provides advanced editing and debugging support for the development of pure Scala and mixed Scala-Java applications.

Now with a shiny Scala debugger, semantic highlight, more reliable JUnit test finder, an ecosystem of related plugins, and much more.

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Support for Mixed Scala/Java Projects

Support for mixed Scala/Java projects and any combination of Scala/Java project dependencies, allowing straightforward references from Scala to Java and vice versa.


Code Completion

Now with implicits resolved on the fly and all available methods in a list to choose from.

Semantic Highlight

Identifiers are colored based on their meaning.

Definition/Implicit Hyperlinking

Hold down Ctrl/Cmd and hover over a member to bring up a link, and click to navigate through the source.

Error Markers

Catch compilation errors as you type.


Scala Debugger

Stepping through closures and Scala-aware display of debugging information.

More Features

Highlight Implicits

It has never been simpler to know where implicits are being applied.

Show Type of Selection

Select any portion of code and press Ctrl/CMD-Shift-W T to see the inferred type.

Scala JUnit4 Runner

Select a project, package or source and run all your Scala and Java JUnit 4 tests via Run As > Scala Junit Test.

Outline View

Displays the list of all structural elements of the currently edited file.

Run Selection Interpreter

Select a block of code and evaluate it through the integrated Scala Interpreter

Open Type

Allows you to browse the workbench for a type to open in an editor.

Scala Wizards

Need to create a class, an object, a trait or a package object? The Scala Wizards contains the right incantation.


Rename identifiers, organize imports, extract some code as new method, and more.

Code Formatting

Press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+F to format a file or a block. And use your own Scalariform settings.

Smart Indenter

Your code is indented as you type, just as you would expected it to be.

Quick Fix Import

When a type is not in scope, press Ctrl+1 and an import statement is added at the top of the file.

Mark Occurrences

Mark occurrences of any identifier in a file

Syntax Coloring

Full syntax highlighting support, including comments, control structures and embedded XML.

Code Folding

Selectively hide and display sections of a file.

Code Templates

Define your custom templates and avoid redundancy in your writing.

Structured Selection

Press Alt+Shift+Up/Down and select larger/smaller portions of code.

Task Tags

Collects your TODOs in the Task View so that you will not forget to fix them before shipping your product.

Inferred Type Hovers

Hover over an identifier to discover the inferred type.

Source Generators

Generate hashCode and equals implementations or introduce ProductN trait.
More Features


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