Suggested Shortcuts

Here you can find a collection of shortcuts you will find useful for Scala development. Replace Ctrl by CMD if you are using a Mac.

  • Alt+Shift+X S: Run As Scala Application. It is quicker than the popup menu because it does not need to scan every Launcher to see what type of Launches can be acted upon.
  • Alt+Shift+X T: Run As JUnit. Also quicker than a popup menu for the same reasons.
  • Ctrl+Space: completion (using code, templates,...)
  • Alt + /: complete word (unless you have chosen to integrate word completion in completion proposals above)
  • Ctrl + /: toggle comment of a block (the selected line(s) or current line)
  • Ctrl-3: Quick Access – a huge time saver. Opens up a dialog with incremental search on all commands available on the platform
  • Ctrl-Shift-R: Open Resource – opens up a dialog with incremental search on all files in the workspace
  • Ctrl-.: Go to the next error in the current editor
  • F2: Show the error for the position under the cursor
  • F3: Navigate to definition (same as Ctrl-click on an identifier)
  • Ctrl-O: Quick Outline – opens up a dialog with incremental search on all definitions in the current editor
  • Ctrl-J: Incremental search
  • F11 or CMD-F11 (Mac only): Launch the debugger. By default it tries to launch the current file. I configure Eclipse to always launch the last application.
  • Ctrl-F11 or CMD-Shift-F11 (Mac only): Launch the application (with no debugger attached)