The Scala IDE for Eclipse could not be where it is today without the continued support from the community. A considerable amount of time has gone into making the Scala IDE for Eclipse a reliable IDE for doing your daily Scala coding, and that has been possible thanks to the tremendous effort made by each contributor. Thanks for the passion, energy and time you all donated to this project.

Current Team

Iulian Dragos

(Project Leader), @dragos

Martin Odersky

Luc Bourlier

Mirco Dotta

Heather Miller

Eric Molitor

Hubert Plociniczak

Matt Russell

Simon Schäfer

Former contributors also deserve credit. Thanks to Miles Sabin (former Project Leader), David Bernard, Matthew Farwell, Donna Malayeri, Joshua Suereth, Eugene Vigdorchik, and all other contributors.


We would also like to take the opportunity to thank our biggest, and most fun supporter, Typesafe

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