Mailing lists

Scala IDE is using 2 mailing lists host on Google Groups:

  • scala-ide-user is the mailing list for questions and discussions relating to the installation and use of Scala IDE.
  • scala-ide-dev is the mailing list used by the development team and the committers to discuss current and future work on Scala IDE.

When posting a message, please remember the suggestions from How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. It helps you getting the best answer and us staying sane.


You can also drop by the #scalaide IRC channel on freenode. If you don’t have an IRC client installed you can use this online client.

Reporting Problems

We welcome contributions in the form of bug reports. There are a few pieces of information that are helpful to have when you report a bug:

  • The version of Eclipse Scala IDE is running on. It is available under Help About (Eclipse About on Mac osX). It appears as ‘version number’ and a ‘build id’.
  • The version of Scala IDE used. There are 2 ways to obtain it:
    • Using Scala Report a Bug.... The window opened contains the plug-in version, and a link to the tickets page.
    • In the About page, using Installation Details. It is the version of ‘Scala IDE for Eclipse’.

Please, first explore the existing tickets. If you cannot add your contribution to any of them, use the New Ticket button on the support page.

If you’re unsure if you have found an issue or not, please don’t hesitate to ask on the scala-ide-user mailing list.