Scala Interpreter

Scala IDE integrate the Scala REPL. It is set in a view called Scala Interpreter.

Each view instance is associated to a project, and all artifacts defined or referenced in the project are available to the interpreter.

Starting the interpreter

There are multiple ways to start it:

  • Opening the view. The view can be opened with Window Show View Scala Interpreter from the Scala perspective, or Window Show View Other... Scala Scala Interpreter from anywhere. This will display the list of available projects. The interpreter is initialized and configured to use the selected one.
  • Executing some code. The runSelection Run Selection in Scala Interpreter command triggers the creation of a view for the current project if needed. The code currently selected in the editor is then run in the interpreter.

Using the interpreter

  1. Scala code can be entered directly in the interpreter view, in the Evaluate field by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

    The previously entered commands are kept in a history. They can be browsed using the Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down key combinations.

  2. Existing code can be selected in the Scala Editor, and run in the interpreter using the runSelection Run Selection in Scala Interpreter command.

    The command can also be invoked using the Ctrl+Shift+x or Cmd+Shift+x key shortcut.

  3. An other way is to use the interpreter is combination with an editor to test new code.

    With a little bit of wrapping code, it is possible to create a setup where any code can be entered, and type checked. Then the code can be run in the interpreter to see its result.



The toolbar contains the following five buttons:

replayAll Replay All Commands Execute again all commands from the current session.
terminate Terminate Stop the interpreter.
terminateReplay Terminate and Replay Reset the interpreter, and execute again all commands from the current session.
clear Clear Output Clear the view, but keeps the current session state.
autoreplay Replay History on Project Rebuild If enable, the commands from the current session are executed every time the project is rebuilt.