Play2 support 0.4.0

By Scala IDE team on Aug 03 2013

The Scala IDE team is happy to announce the 0.4.0 release of the Play2 support plugin in Scala IDE for Eclipse!

This release features a brand new editor for Play2 Template files that integrates with the Eclipse Web Tools Platform to provide a first-class HTML editing experience. The highlights of the new editor are:

  • Improved HTML syntax highlighting
  • Javascript and CSS syntax highlighting within script and style tags, respectively.
  • HTML completion proposals
  • HTML text hovering
  • Matching tag navigation and highlighting
  • Anchor tag hyperlinking
  • HTML code folding
  • HTML content outlines and Quick outlines

In addition to Web Tools integration, the Play2 template parser has been rewritten. As a result:

  • Editor performance has been greatly improved
  • Code completion now properly works in all cases
  • Several types of Template parse errors will be displayed with as-you-type source validation

This new Template editor sports a new icon and is now the default editor for all Template files. The old Template editor still exists (using the original icon), and can be accessed by right-clicking on a template file in the Project Explore, and selecting Open With -> Template Editor.


Please see the Play2 wiki on github for installation procedures.


As always, if you experience unexpected problems or performance issues, please open a ticket with the relevant information or contact us on the Scala IDE mailing list.


We would like thank Jedd Haberstro for his work on this release. Special thanks for helping plan, review, and provide feedback goes to Luc Bourlier, Mirco Dotta, Iulian Dragos, and Alden Torres.