Scala IDE 3.0 RC3

By Scala IDE team on Mar 14 2013

We are happy to announce the third release candidate for Scala IDE 3.0. Compared to RC2, we have four changes:

  • Fix for NPE in debugger variable view when using Eclipse Juno ([#1001585][#1001585])
  • Expanding variable in debugger resulted in NPE ([#1001586][#1001586])
  • Don’t add arguments templates for parameterless method’s completion ([#1001591][#1001591])
  • Return OK_STATUS from the semantic highlighting job when the editor is dirty. ([#1001536][#1001536])

RC2 was affected by a serious regression in the new Scala Debugger (debugging with the Scala debugger was simply not working). With this new RC3 the Scala Debugger is again fully operative.

We also upgraded to the latest Scala releases, 2.9.3 final and 2.10.1 final.


This release comes comes 4 different flavors: It supports Scala 2.9 and 2.10, and Eclipse Indigo (3.7) and Juno (4.2). Head down to the download page and pick up the right update site for you!