Scala Ecosystem Updates

By Scala IDE team on May 17 2013

Scala-IDE, with more plugin goodness !

We have updated the Scala-IDE ecosystem builder ! As previously, the Scala-IDE ecosystems are update sites for Eclipse, tailored for a particular flavor of your favorite set of tools: Scala, Scala-IDE and of course Eclipse.

But they also include fantastic plugins, in complete, fully-integrated update sites for Scala development. Users can head out to our update sites to find additional tools like the Scala worksheet, Scala-test, and look out for new additions, like InSynth or the Play plugin. Check back soon on our ecosystems, since we are constantly on the hunt for great Scala development plugins … perhaps for yours !

Indeed, this is also exciting news for plugin developers: it’s now even easier to add your plugin to Scala-IDE ecosystems . The process is outlined in the Contributor’s guide, and the more technical parts have been summarized in a short cheatsheet. As always, we love to help future contributors in the Scala-IDE development mailing list .

Consult the ecosystem wiki for even more ecosystem goodness: curated plugin distribution with categories, easier plugin maintenance for the forthcoming versions of Scala-IDE, etc !


We only list the most fresh update sites here, don’t hesitate to consult the Download pages above to find your favorite flavor … or consult the Ecosystem layout documentation !