Scala IDE 4.0.0-M1 on Scala 2.11.0-M8

By Scala IDE team on Jan 29 2014

We are happy to give you a heads-up to the rebuild of our latest milestone of the Scala IDE, 4.0.0-M1, on the latest milestone from the Scala team, the new 2.11.0-M8.


The latest Scala milestone fixes more than a hundred issues, of which the IDE takes advantage for both stability and performance.

The complete list of changes is available in the Scala announcement.

Other fixes like these are in the works, and will become available as new versions of Scala are released. For the impatient, our nightlies always contain the latest fixes, as they are merged.


Living on the bleeding edge doesn’t mean losing all confront. A new build of the Scala worksheet, compatible with the new release, is available. The corresponding build of Scala-search should come momentarily.


This release is available for both Eclipse Juno (4.2) and Kepler (4.3) using the following update-site:

Happy Scala coding!