Scala IDE 2.1 Special Edition for 2.10.0-M3

May 04 2012

Today we released an early preview of the Scala IDE V2.1 for Eclipse, based on the new milestone for the upcoming Scala 2.10! This release has all the new features in the Scala IDE M1, plus a few minor changes needed in order to support 2.10.

You can see the Release Notes for M1 to check the new features in the Scala IDE, and the Scala Change Log for what’s new in Scala 2.10.

Install it now!

Follow this link and grab the update-site!

This special edition works with Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo). We developed and tested it using Java 6, but Java 7 can be used with some caveats.

We hope you will enjoy using it and, please, let us know what you think. This is the perfect time to help us with ideas and improvement suggestions, or just contribute them.