Scala IDE 3.0.3 final

By Scala IDE team on Mar 31 2014

We are very happy to announce the release of the final version of the 3.0.3 maintenance release of Scala IDE.

What’s new

This release upgrades the incremental compiler to a newer version (0.13.1) and latest Scala maintenance release (2.10.4). In addition, we have two fixes for mixed Java/Scala projects:

  • No classfiles when building mixed Java/Scala project (#1001995)
  • Don’t scan contents of every file in a Jar to determine if a classfile comes from Scala (#1001999)

For the complete list of fixes, please see our changelog.


As usual, this release is associated with updated versions of the ecosystem plugins:

  • Scala Worksheet 0.2.3
  • Play plugin 0.4.3
  • ScalaTest plugin 2.9.3
  • Scala Search 0.2.2

As more plugin writers update their releases to 3.0.3, their plugins will appear in the update site.


The release can be installed using the all-in-one bundle, which contains the latest version of Eclipse, Scala IDE, Play plugin and Scala Worksheet.

To install the release on an existing version of Eclipse, use the ecosystem update sites: