Scala IDE 4.7.0 is out!

By Scala IDE team on Sep 29 2017

We have the great pleasure to inform you that Release Candidate 1 of Scala IDE 4.7.0 passed all user tests so we can give into your hands its as a final and stable product. Have fun!

New and Noteworthy

Scala 2.12.3 and Lagom 1.0.0 support.


There is no changes in comparison to 4.7.0 RC1 but if you are interested in details, look at the changelog, please.


The following statistic contains the accumulated commits of the following repositories:

% git shortlog -sn --no-merges 4.6.1-vfinal..4.7.0-vfinal
% git shortlog -sn --no-merges 0.13.0-4.6.1-vfinal..0.14.0-4.7.0-rc1
23	Simon Schäfer
20	Wieslaw Popielarski
8	Rafał Krzewski
1	Jimin Hsieh
1	N.S. Cutler