ScalaTest plugin and the Scala IDE ecosystem update sites.

By Luc Bourlier on Jul 25 2012

ScalaTest plugin for Scala IDE

We are happy to announce the availability of the ScalaTest plugin for Scala IDE. It provides integrated support to execute ScalaTest tests, and a comprehensive view to see the result of the tests.

This is an effort of the ScalaTest team, mostly from Chua Chee Seng, with the support of Bill Venners. Documentation is available in project page

Read the next section to find out how to get it.

Scala IDE ecosystem update sites

This is also the opportunity to announce the creation of the ecosystem update sites, as the ScalaTest plugin is first plugin to be included in them.

The goal of these update sites is to provide central locations allowing users to install and discover Eclipse plugins relevant for Scala development, according to their requirements, like Scala version or maturity of the plugins.

Right now, two update sites containing Scala IDE and the ScalaTest plugin are build. Four update sites are planned in total, list in the ecosystem download page:

Check the project page for details about the content of each update sites. It also contains information if you wish for your plugins to be available in these update sites.